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Thursday, January 01, 2004
Happy New Year!

I think I said it somewhere else on this site about the three big NO-NO's... Don't talk in mixed company about religion, politics, and how to raise the other person's kids. Boring!!

These days, the conversation inevitably converges on the terrorist situation. Moreover, one is eventually coerced to take a position on one issue or another. On New Year's Eve, a discussion centered on WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the war in Iraq. The group I was with were following the common discussion of the Bush's Administration's misleading the American Public on WMD's as one of the prime reasons for invasion. Additionally, a CATO Policy Analysis just came in that day entitled "Iraq: The Wrong War". This was more than I could take. It is not that I agree 100% with what is going on, or express blind support, however, this instant gratification world we have developed in the last 20 years has distorted our sense of time that is necessary to properly analyze and resolve issues. We are still seeing revelations from WWII and the Kennedy years. How can anyone state definitively such strong opinions on such a tactical view of the overall mess the world is in at the moment?

Nonetheless, this sniping and second guessing does nothing but indirectly undermine our national security AND aid or encourage those who would do us harm.

The fact remains that Iraq had chemical weapons and somehow they either buried them or shipped them somewhere. The trail will be picked up.

The fact also exists that troublesome regimes are showing a bit more cooperation because someone finally had the guts to take action.

This is a very difficult position to expound upon or to promote, since there is a lot of disinformation floating around and if one supports the Iraq occupation, that person is suddenly labeled a hawk or imperialist.

This is where our enemies take advantage of us, because we are afraid to voice our opinions and worse, if we do, we usually stick our foot in our mouth or don't know what to say. The useful idiots will continue their irritating ways until overwhelming positive results silence them. War is not a good platform for positive results based on our current instant gratification mindset.

posted by Gary  # 1/01/2004 10:24:00 PM
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