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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Illegal Aliens? Undocumented Immigrants?

No matter which title you chose, this is big problem which neither major party is willing to properly address. That is, enforcing the laws of the land on persons who have broken those laws.

I've always welcomed and respected migrant farm workers from Mexico, however the permissive federal policies of the last twenty years have created economic and security risks, especially now, with a shaky economy and terrorists on the loose.

Somehow we have all been programmed with, "But these workers will take jobs that no one else will do." Such arrogance. Such elitism. Such snobbery! We sit here on the longest sustained period of low inflation that I can remember and why? It is due to illegal aliens and the Wal-Mart effect. No one seems to be looking at the big picture.

1. Wal-Mart has systematically, through huge market share, forced a number of manufacturers out of business domestically and will proceed, via vertically integrating, to put reputable foreign suppliers out of business that yield too much of their production to this one company.

2. Illegal aliens are willing to take unskilled labor jobs for minimum wages or less. They keep the wage level down so low that the residents they displace take the logical route and go on public assistance. No one can tell me that if the wages were higher, no one would take them. These have always been entry level jobs. Where do our children go to get their first job? They've all been absorbed into this distortion of our system. In short, by business turning a blind eye to this situation, our overall standard of living will continue to decline. Those with the power to change this situation are insulated from the problem completely.

posted by Gary  # 1/13/2004 05:43:00 PM
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