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Thursday, January 29, 2004
If you listen to the independent conservative, Michael Savage, he calls liberalism a mental disorder. I believe one must clearly differentiate this comment from liberal thought or being liberal in the classic sense. His definition is most appropriate to describe the current left wing dogmatic culture wars that we are presently immersed in.

The reason he uses this label is because any discussion with this "group" leaves one frustrated due its non-committal, non-positional, ungrounded, emotional approach to nearly every social issue on the table at the moment. In turn, they call those on the right cold and calculating (but never logical). I've listened to Michael, Rush, and Sean go around and around with call-in guests or program guest of the "American" liberal persuasion and every question by the host is evaded with another question. They cannot answer a question directly and WILL NOT be pinned down on anything. Only when angered will they blurt out the most incoherent blather one can imagine, such as Teddy Kennedy calling a judge candidate a Neanderthal and no one on the left raises an eyebrow. This Neanderthal happened to be a female African-American that didn't kowtow to the DNC line.

The fact is that the liberal mind in this country is accountable to no one but themselves and I hardly think that to be the case.

Unfortunately, when dealing with large social problems or issues, logic and calculation must take place. The left immediately kicks in their "tyranny of the majority" mantra and everything goes to hell or comes to a stop or introduces a new level of moral degradation.

With them, everything is possible...nothing is impossible or prohibited short of a personal attack...then watch out.

The preoccupation of the Democrats on the primary is hilarious. They are sooooo serious as they try to sort out who can top the other with the biggest flip-flop or reaction to the latest poll. It is also a sad commentary that this morally bankrupt and platform bankrupt bunch of ninnies continue to waste so much money and time. The most pathetic of the bunch was Kucinich...a favorite down at the local farmers market in Santa Cruz. It is also frightening that this brainwashed mindset has captured around 50% of our populace.

What to do? Anchor yourself to the Good Book and venture out from there. Real simple, eh?

posted by Gary  # 1/29/2004 05:38:00 PM
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