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Friday, December 26, 2003
Christmas is over, and the mind keeps running...

It would seem that a good deal of the organization stirring up anti-war protests and generally causing a ruckus in our society of late can be linked directly to the recent incarnation of the Communist Party. We know they relish working under our skin when we are distracted about abortion, hanging chad, gay marriage, quotas and other really important stuff. Monbiot, a left leaning writer for The Guardian made the "most unusual" discovery that some of the ruckuses in the EC had communist backing.

Confronting a communist leaflet distributor recently at the Santa Cruz, CA Farmers' Market, I asked why the Communist Party persisted in pushing their agenda after so many gross failures. The mono-syllable droid responded, "Because we are right." and then went totally postal on a tirade about being tired of being screamed at by his boss, etc., etc...the typical leftist victim mentality. Sheesh. A lot of anger there. Ah feel his pain...

I'd heard that Mr. Ed Azner (sp?) had similar questions posed to him, even noting the 100 million + deaths associated with communist despots and I understand his response was simply, "They did it wrong."

Seriously, though, there is a growing number of people at the low end of the social scale that feel there is no American dream. My conservative brothers and sisters should not be cavalier about this issue and expect their economic formulas to take care of them. They must be listened to before this new "red scare" gets physical.

posted by Gary  # 12/26/2003 01:32:00 AM
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