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Saturday, July 03, 2004

An Observation On The Political Milieux

It never ceases to amaze me how persons so set on getting George Bush out of office will so easily sell their soul to the devil to do it (I should put a sarcastic caveat in here that the concept of the devil is foreign, as is the concept of good and evil, to most of the persons involved in this "selling" activity). While the Republican Party has warts on its policies and actions, the alternatives are truly frightening. These days, voters necessarily must vote for the lesser of two evils and for a candidate that only roughly approximates their values or ideals.

While those selling out seem to have their own version of the truth, it is also astounding how many people subscribe to things as true which are out and out lies.

This evening, while listening to Barbara Simpson on the radio, she made a very profound statement about this conundrum. She said that persons caught in this situation accept things as true if it aligns with the way they think things should be, not as they really are. I now see why Michael Savage is so insistent on labeling persons in this realm (primarily radical liberalism with a surprising amount of moderate adherents) as suffering from some sort of mental disease or drug induced hallucinations.

The temper tantrums of Dean, Kennedy, and Gore perhaps are the leading indicators that these manipulators are being finally caught at their game. I truly hope so.

I'd previously written about Goebbels' propaganda techniques about focusing on something and repeating it over and over until it is accepted as the truth. I am also frightened by the number of persons I respect that are starting to mouth some of this dogma, either as a sick joke or with conviction. This is nothing short of mass brainwashing in my opinion.

The San Francisco Comical and the San Jose Murky News are partners in this brainwashing scheme, either knowingly, or victims of the brainwashing themselves. How can one tell? ...Strong focus on political invective and complete or partial deemphasis on real local issues (Gay marriage IS NOT a real local issue, unsolved murders are). In other words, priorities are turned upside-down according to rational and logical thinking.

Another aspect of this "schizophrenia" or brainwashing, whichever tag seems more appropriate, is complete and unquestioning trust in certain sources or persons and a breakdown of trust of old established standards or guidelines. Normally, when the human situation borders on chaos, people tend to go back to their roots or traditions to seek stability. This no longer seems to be the case, which strongly points out that at least one or two generations have not had this anchor position established, be it religion or tradition.

What are those sources of trust? While I take strong issue with the mainstream media (CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, The New York Times, The LA times, The Washington Post, etc.), sadly, many are taking their cues from Hollywood movie stars or... Jerry Springer-types.

Curiously, persons who think like I do (yes, there are a surprising number that do) are labeled as simplistic, racist, moronic, mean-spirited, hateful, you name it.

What is wrong with this picture?

posted by Gary  # 7/03/2004 01:41:00 PM
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