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Monday, July 05, 2004

Lie or Truth Decoder

Are any of you old enough to remember those "decoder rings" that either came in your favorite cereal box or Cracker Jack box?

Faced with increasing distortions in "scientific" research, news, the Internet, the mainstream media, etc., how can one discern truth from lies (or fiction). A new version of the famous decoder ring has not been introduced yet to assist with this situation, so I will give you three methods I use on a daily basis to sort the wheat from the chaff (A caveat: To become proficient at using these methods, there is a lot of background work you must do and practice on.):

1. Anchor yourself in the Bible. There is no other source that is a better reference for decoding right from wrong, good versus evil, truth versus a lie.

2. Read voraciously. Rely less on TV and visual images than on the written word. Also read material you don't agree with...except that which you are admonished to avoid from Item 1.

3. FOLLOW THE MONEY!! Often, today's "truth" is sold to the highest bidder. Find out who is paying for studies, who is backing an organization, who sponsors a particular candidate. If it is a corporation, determine what they will lose if they don't spend this money. If an individual, probe into his ideology (Most are selfishly motivated because of the corrupting power of excessive wealth.)

posted by Gary  # 7/05/2004 10:47:00 PM
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