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Sunday, May 09, 2004

I Have A Dream...

Actually, I have a nightmare! It goes like this... Because the sheeple are so used to being led around via the mass media, they become programmed to vote for John Kerry. As a result, John Kerry wins by a landslide and has a mandate to...??? Anyway, once in office, he immediately starts a program to socialize medicine, raise taxes, allow unlimited lawsuits against corporations for alleged wrongdoings, resumes partial-birth abortions, stop private ownership of guns, increase the power and influence of the teachers' union, forces Wal-Mart to unionize, penalizes companies for exporting jobs, raises taxes on SUV's by 2X, allows gay marriage to be enshrined in the Constitution, etc., etc...

The remaining conservatives, realizing their way of life has been utterly destroyed, begin to emigrate from the blue states to the red states in droves. Shortly, a secession movement begins, primarily due to completely different world views and vision for our country.

Vitriol continues to build and suddenly anarchy takes over the street, and an open civil uprising and war begins. It started with a war of words, but when federal troops controlled by the blue states are deployed, the various militias that had formed in the red states take them to task.

Does this sound like a cheap Hollywood movie? No, it may be coming to a state near you. When you vote in November, 2004, use your brain, not your heart.

posted by Gary  # 5/09/2004 08:06:00 PM
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