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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Another Epiphany...

As the heading of this BLOG indicates, these are "Random Thoughts From A Chaotic Mind", for sure. How is Chinese Communism like Creationism? "Boy", you say..."Now that is a stretch!" Most certainly, but let me illustrate.

Both are taking extreme positions because of either fear or loathing of the other extreme which is occurring in Christianity or could occur with Chinese Communism.

Creationism - It is a belief in the literal reading of Genesis for the origin of the universe, the earth, earth's creatures, and finally man. They stand on the creation taking place in 6-24 hour days and the earth being only about 6,000 years old. This is the most extreme position that could be taken to counter the infiltration of the bad science associated with evolution. It is their tug-of-war against evolutionism's undermining of morality, break-up of family, etc within the modern world.

Communism - Perhaps the Chinese Communists have studied the Judeo-Christian model and seen the undermining of Western morality over time. They well understand that if they were to allow democracy to take hold that they would quickly lose their grip on power and eventually follow the Western model down the sewer. Hmmm...

The Communists (read neo-capitalists) don't want to open the box of possibilities. Creationism is desperately trying to figure out how to get it closed.

I leave it to the reader to connect the obtuse.

posted by Gary  # 5/01/2004 12:16:00 AM
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