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Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Stench From The Bench Makes Me Clench!

Although this phrase is borrowed from Michael Savage, it is so appropriate where legislation is routinely blocked by a inferior court judge sought out specifically to do just that. There has also been an increase in little despots around the county doing damn well as they please even after hearing public input. There are recalls in the offing as a result.

A recent exchange about the insertion of "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance yielded this reader response in the April 9, 2004 issue of the Gualala, CA Independent Coast Observer. It illustrates the twisting of meaning and interpretation that is rampant in the current progressive or liberal movement to gain freedom from religion.

"Those who insist that the rest of us either acknowledge their deity or refrain from pledging allegiance to our flag are the ones who are attempting to impose their beliefs on others.

In our democracy, the majority do not always get to make the rules. If they did, whites and blacks might still be going to separate schools and sitting at opposite ends of the bus. Our Constitution is designed to prevent the majority from ramming its views down the throats of the minority. Say "Under God" all you want. Why must you insist that I say it too?"

This is typical of the double standard that this minority is placing on the rest of us. First, no one is insisting they say "Under God". This is a blatant attempt to push the "Freedom From God" movement forward a notch. Second, the legislative branch make the rules by majority vote and after much debate. This person is advocating anarchy or, as currently manifested, legislation from the bench. Whatever the issue, many useful items are hog-tied due to a judge in a remote location that sympathizes with the minority opposition and issues an injunction. This is lunacy.

The recent Gay Marriage debacle is a perfect example of a minority opinion running amok. This is what this misguided fellow is advocating.

In the old days, specifically the civil rights issues, were brought to the forefront by public protest and civil disobedience. Ultimately, the country, as a whole, saw the light and started taking steps to fix a very old injustice. The way the writer stated it, however, minority rule was what made it happen. NOTHING happens until an issue is considered, debated, and voted on until recently.

This warped view of how our country is run indicates a very poor understanding of our government and is letting his feelings govern his actions.

Why did I choose to pick on this particular fellow? This very minority rule making phenomenon seems to be circulating as the latest strategy in the progressive play book, just as the vitriolic personal attacks against President Bush were. I.E. another pattern of attack has developed.

One person can make a difference in this country, but that one person must build a supportive coalition to carry the idea forward to implementation. One person cannot expect instant gratification, as seems to be the growing trend at the moment by legislating from the judicial bench.

posted by Gary  # 4/17/2004 08:46:00 PM
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