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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Forbidden Words

Most of us had heard of George Carlin's Seven Forbidden Words (not necessarily the words themselves), although they don't seem so forbidden in the media these days. When I was trying to look up the reference to such matters, I was surprised at the number of web sites that talked about "forbidden words". Usually, my forbidden words are the trite words of the year or month. The word "scenario" nearly drove me nuts in the early seventies. The word of today is "space" to describe a marketing segment or any particular grouping with common elements. Every year we are faced with a new fashionable word or phrase that all the up and comers use with reckless abandon.

Friends, there is a much more insidious group of words, however, that is undermining our civilization, and I would respectfully request that they be taken out of the daily lexicon for a period of no less than five years. This is a preliminary list and subject to revision and suggestion (with their brief equivalents):

ACLU = A Catastrophic Legal Undermining
ADD = Another Dumb Disease and generator of pharmaceutical revenue and doctor fees
ADD (2) = Adult Discipline Deficiency
affirmative action = lower standards, quotas, discrimination, racism...oops
compassion = wealth redistribution or ideas crammed down my throat
diversity = quotas, victimization, racism...oops again
fairness = let the minority call the shots
GMO = Inadequately tested genetically modified organism foisted into our food supply
inclusive = lower standards
International A.N.S.W.E.R. = Accumulation of Nonsensical Scum Which Evades Reason, aka neo-communists = Don't we wish they would?
racist or racism = prejudice at worst, high standards at best
self-esteem = emphasis on feelings rather than personal growth
social justice = balance the scales to my world view or I take that which is not mine to take
starvation = wealth redistribution with no reduction of starvation
termination = uninformed choice supporting multibillion dollar industry
tolerance = tolerate everything in line with my world view
undocumented worker = illegal alien
UN = UnNatural way to resolve international conflict

posted by Gary  # 4/06/2004 02:13:00 PM
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