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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

California Propositions

Here come the sour grapes... Why? Because I voted no on ALL the measures in the California primary. Why?

1. The school bond issue (56) was an ongoing plea to spend more money in an educationally bankrupt system and putting the state further in debt. Turning the clock back to when papa was a boy, the classrooms were much larger and the kids got educated. Now, we have private schools with 10 to 1 student/teacher ratios that cost a fortune in tuition and we have public schools hovering around 20 students to 1 teacher the ARE leaving kids behind. The whole system has gone nuts. Why should the elite or wealthy have to have a 10 to 1 ratio? Why can't their kids survive in a less coddled environment? Why are the kids in public schools having to deal with unnecessary things and missing the 3 R's?

2. Proposition 56 regarding a simple majority rather than a 2/3's majority to pass tax legislation was soundly defeated, which is good, but the irony continues to play out that the sheeple voters continue to vote for more spending and don't give the legislature power to implement or pay for the spending.

3. Selling the Bonds (57) is not the correct way to go. We need to cut spending considerably on wasteful programs but the porkbarrel legislature "convinced" the "governor" that the children and old people would suffer and NO ONE would feel their pain. It should have been defeated to send a belt-tightening message back to Sacramento. Silly sheeple!

4. Proposition 58 was tied to 57 so my opinion was the same. From my perspective, they've always had to pass a balanced budget, but...

posted by Gary  # 3/02/2004 10:47:00 PM
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